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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hey my lovely makeup addicts!!!!! Today i'm going to review and give you guys a picture tutorial using Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings, Gimme Brows, and High Brow.... Let me start by saying that these products are amazing!!! I have tried so many products from a lot of makeup brands like  for example NYX, Urban decay, M.A.C, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia from Beverly Hills etc...
The one I really loved was Anastasia and I still love it don't get it wrong but I have found something right there next to to it and that's benefit cosmetics.... So when benefit came out with their new products i was a little skeptical but I decided to buy some of the products, I was given two of them by the way and believe me it does not influence my opinion at all... so lets get started with the pros and the cons i'm going to try to give you the best review I can :)

Lets start with The brow zings... So this product contains one side of a pigmented wax(left) and another side of a brow powder(right), it also contains one small angle brush, one flat bush, and a pair of small tweezers. Here are the things I love from this product... first thing is the wax I love this because it prevents your eyebrows from moving to all different directions... second I love that the wax helps the brow powder to adhere more to your brows and with the wax already in place it also helps to shape your eyebrows very well, also the powder is goes on really smooth and has no fall out like other brow powders I have tried in the past.

now lets start with the cons... This is the part I really don't like:(... So for this product their is two things I don't like and the first one is  when you apply the wax you really have to build a lot in order to get that perfect brow and that takes some of your time to do that and the other thing I really didn't like and found no use for were the brushes, to me they are too small and the flat brush does not make any sense to me. Pretty much that's it for the cons Other than that I love this product. 

 First step Dip the angle brush into the wax and start shaping your brows with gentle strokes until your get your desire shape or form
Second with the rounded brush just apply again with gentle strokes the brow powder that way the powder adheres to the wax

Now to finish off the look just highlight your brow bone using High Brow Highlighting pencil and with either your finger or a stiff dome brush just blend it lightly.

 I wanted to review this at the end because this is my overall favorite product!!! I really love this product because its amazing... without this highlighter its like your brows are boring and this makes everything way much better. So when using this product you just added under your brow bone and this highlighter just adds more definition and more shape to your eyebrow its just like your miracle worker for your brows, I really have nothing negative to say about this product, It goes well with any skin tone as long as you blend well and not over exaggerate and add a lot of it....

So you guys these are my new favorite brow products for the moment and I hope this moment lasts a long time :) thank you so much for reading and please don't forget to follow me....

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Great inexpensive makeup!

Hey you guys I have a quick video for you guys using elf cosmetics......  let me just talk about them really quick E.l.f cosmetics is a drugstore makeup product that is super cheap when speaking of money wise.... they range from $10.00-$1.00 and they have everything from makeup  brushes to eye shadows, blushes. Eyelashes, mineral makeup etc. ... these product are really good and super inexpensive!..... sometimes their are products I don't like and they can improve like their Essential loose eye shadow, the only reason I don't like that product is because of their packaging, if they can improve on that then we have something awesome to use, other than that and lip glosses they have some wonderful products! . If you guys want a review of a specific product that please leave a comment below.... please to forget to subscribe,  comment and like my videos or follow my blog!   Love you so much you guys have a great day and always remember you are beautiful just they way you are!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey you guys sorry I've been MIA for a while I've been super busy with pretty much my jobs and family and other stuff. So today I want to talk about something very different and thats life and health! I know everyone struggles with issues and to some people it doesn't matter but to you its your entire world,  so right now I want to talk about what I'm going through.... Lately my concerns have been my health issues, and when I talk about health issues I mean I gained so much weight. I know I know just eat right and exercise and viola everything is better and maybe yes it is true but its not easy when you done it millions of times... sometimes I feel so damn tired of doing this vicious cycle of losing weight and then gaining it right back its... like I never see the day it could stop, everyone has their own problems some might be weight issues like me or some might be relationship issues but what ever it is I think no one should go throughout it alone! Right now I'm in a mission... a mission to find out what I want and also to get strength with in me to finally overcome my issues,  I know some of you might think my issues are stupid and its easy to overcome but to me its my monster that always haunts me. Please don't go alone in the world without thinking no one understands... don't let your monster haunt you forever find a way to defeat it, I know right now I have to find my  own way on how to do that........

I hope someone found this helpful and i hope everyone can defeat their own monters....don't be afraid to share your story

I'll see you soon my lovely makeup addicts♥

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A mask for your hair???????????

Hey you guys so today have a review about my new hair treatment I've been trying.... So like you all know I have bleached my hair and colored it and nothing good can come out of that other than an amazing new hair style but beside that your hair doesn't like what you did to it period. Bleaching hair is bad and everyone knows that, it makes your hair dry and bridle, your hair feels and looks unhealthy, so because of that I decided to take really good care of my hair so I ordered this hair treatment from Ulta called Therapy Session Mask from Eva Nyc and ever since I fell in love!!!!

This hair treatment is amazing it makes my hair feel and look healthy now my hair has shine and bounce. This treatment makes my hair feel soft and it it doesn't break on me anymore like it used to in the beginning when I first had my hair bleached. This hair mask has Argan oil which nourishes your hair and it also has Keravis protein which strengthens your hair. It has plenty of more oils and goodness in this mask and in love! 

So here is the price of this wonderful hair mask 
$14.99 in Ulta
$15.99 in Walgreens

Product Specification:

Product Type
Hair Masque
Paraben Free
No Mineral Oil
Not Animal Tested

Here is the link to Ulta website  

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Friday, August 9, 2013


What's up my beautiful Makeup Addicts today I have a review/compare for you!!!! today I have my chubby lip sticks/balm from Revlon, Clinique and Pop beauty, These  are amazing but one does shine better than the other ones. 

I want to start by telling you why I love these chubby sticks, first of all they are really hydrating and the last thing you want is something on your lips that makes them feel dried up and uncomfortable,they are so soft they feel like butter and that makes them glide so well and smooth, another thing that I like about them is that they are good to wear when you're on the go and just need a little color to change your look. 

OK now going to compare these 3 brands that just seem to make the same thing and yet all of them have different prices... so which one do you choose???????

lets start with Clinique Chubby sticks Price: $16

These chubby sticks are high end and if you want to find them you can go to the mall and check them out at Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Sephora. These bad boys are really pigmented and they have 16 amazing colors but the problem for me is even though they are great the price is a little to steep for me, don't get me wrong I will still buy them because they are great I just wished they were a little cheaper.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm stain price: $ 7.49

These balm stains are drugstore and you can find them at Target, Walmart, Walgreen's, and even Ulta. these stains are good they are not as pigmented as the chubby sticks from Clinique but they work just as well. To me they feel more like a tinted chap stick but with a little more pigmentation. I like these they are cheap and if you don't want to spend that much on the chubby sticks well this is a good alternative for you.

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon $25 for a package of 6  (4.17 each )

These crayons are really creamy, pigmented and fairly new to me. I received this product in my Ipsy July bag and I love it ever since. I really think these are really good but the downside to me is that I didn't find them sold separately just in a bundle and I really don't like to get makeup like that, another thing is that they only have 6 colors and most of them are fair color or nude, I would really love to see more bright and bold colors from them. One thing I do love is that for 6 you just pay 25 and that would mean each one would be approximately $4.17 each  so that's good. You can find these Pop crayons on their site

NOW here are some swatches of the products I just talked about

 Clinique Chubby stick in Plushest Punch
 Pop Beauty pouty pop crayon in Coral Crush
 Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Romantic Romantique

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Monday, August 5, 2013


Hey everyone so today I want to show you my new lipsticks I got and best part these lipsticks is that the are drugstore  so its affordable for everyone... Yay on saving money!!! so I got these two lipsticks from Maybelline new vivid colors in Hot Plum and Shocking Coral, these two lipsticks are amazing I love them both! So let me describe them for you... They are creamy non drying, really pigmented and they tint your lips somewhat which is always great because the last thing you want is to be doing is re-applying lipstick all day. so lets me show you the colors I got....

 You have Hot Plum which is a light purple pink color I love this color! use this color with a nude smokey eye looks wonderful!!!
Shocking coral is a bright pink but it looks like a light pink on me which was a little disappointing but never the less i still love the color that I get when I wear it, I love wearing this lipstick during the say with a natural look
 Here are some swatches for you

well you beautiful makeup Addicts i hope you like this blog post and I hope I inspired you to go and get these colors..... So stay tuned for some more stuff on your way.... Stay beautiful!!!!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Toner or not????

Hey my lovely makeup Addicts today a have a review for you guys to read and its about a great toner I found and its from Dickinson's oil free pore perfecting toner... So let me tell you the story how I found this toner... So i went to Walgreen's to go look at some makeup and I was just walking around and I spotted this toner, It said that it was 100% natural and I love natural :) so I took it home...... So yeah that's the short version of how I found this So let me get back to my review, so to tell you the truth I only been having this product for 2 weeks and I already LOVE it, in just 2 weeks I already noticed great improvement on my skin, my pores are tighter and my skin feels extremely clean after I used this product I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Let me tell you what this product claims to do and then ill tell you the pros and cons about it.

This toner claims to do refine pores, remove and controls oil, soothes irritation, and looks in moister, so pretty much it makes your pores smaller, it removes excess dirt and oil all the yucky stuff and while it does that it does not over dry. This sounds amazing the best part to me is that is true! like I said my pores a smaller my face feels cleaner and it doesn't feel dry and you may know that some toners do make you feel like you have to dump 80 gallons of moisturizer on your face when using them. This product is also amazing because its so cheap it was $5.49 for 16 FL OZ so that to me is a bargain the only this I don't like is the smell to me I would have preferred something more like rose pedals or something to that matter but hey we cant win them all that my experience with this toner that I now LOVE

Here is my list of Pros and Cons 

Pros                                                     Cons

*Cheap                                                * Doesn't smell that nice
*last a long time
*does what it claims
* 100% natural


Thursday, July 25, 2013

60 seconds!

Hey you guy's here is my latest video... I decided to do a series called 60Seconds of BEAUTY, pretty much is me giving you tips and tricks when it comes to makeup, fashion, hair and anything Beauty in 60 Seconds. I hope you guys really enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you guys want to see♡
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hey my beautiful makeup addicts I'm just doing a quick post today.... I'm thinking of doing a photo shoot soon because it time for some new pictures for my portfolio... I really need Ideas of what to showcase.... So if you have any please comment below  I would really appreciate it...... Also please keep an eye out because I have a lot of new things going on and I really don't wants you guys to miss out ..... so till next time take care and play with makeup 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting started in YouTube

Hey my beautiful makeup addicts so today I wanted to talk about YouTube and how I've been doing with it pretty much my experiences. Getting started in the "YouTube word" is a little difficult because you want to do everything perfect for the reason of not getting criticize by your own piers. When I decided to do videos on YouTube I thought about it a lot because I was scared of being criticized but also I was scared of losing track of life and family. In the beginning it was really hard because I didn't know how to balance YouTube, my family and pretty much my life so it became very difficult. Little by little I'm working in balancing everything, when my husband works I start doing videos and blogging, when he's home I get at least two hour of still working on videos and he gets to do what he wants like Playing video

Even though I've been having trouble with that I also been having a lot of good things come out of it too :). If you know me personally you know I'm a very shy person and I can be really quiet.... so  just the thought of doing YouTube videos it was a very difficult challenge for me, I had people telling me to do videos but I was scared of  people seeing what I do, I didn't want to be criticized.
 So finally I decided to be a big girl and suck it up and I started recording my first YouTube video :) and it was a The footage never got edited it was super long to edit and every time I would do something to it it never saved or it erased so I just left it there and recorded a new Ps I know my editing sucks but this video was really bad, but this is my baby so its ok :)

(Just in case you haven't seen it)

I know I know a lot of people say  they were all shy when they started and made them change  after that, you know what I do believe them because YouTube does give you a sense of courage and power. 

Now lets talk about the struggles of subscribers and views........ This is something that sometimes it could be really stressful, Why? you ask ...... well because this is what shows people if you're "good" or not, I try not to get stressed about it because well if you like me then you like me if you don't then that's ok too. I know I don't have a lot of subscribes or like a million views but I know one day I will get there and if you're starting out don't get discourage..... for some of us you will be liked instantly for other it will take time and that's ok. 

YouTube is a very scary world to jump in but its also a wonderful world to discover new things about you you didn't know, So if you're thinking about it then maybe you should just try it once and see how you feel about it, and if you do try it well try it because you love teaching and because you love doing what you do, believe me that will reflect on your videos.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Makeup for the summer.... Foundation or BB cream????

Hey my beautiful makeup Addicts to today I wanted to talk about what I like to wear during the summer when it comes to foundation, when summertime comes the last thing I want is to wear heavy coverage makeup so foundations are out of the question. Now you ask why??? and the reason is because foundation can be really heavy on your skin and with this heat you have tons of chances for your makeup to run down your face and seep into your pores. Heat and makeup don't go well together and just because I don't like wearing foundation doesn't mean I won't wear makeup.... so for that reason I use a nice BB cream :))) a BB cream is light and airy so it won't feel heavy on you, I know a BB cream is not full coverage so for that I just add a little concealer to my small imperfections after adding my BB cream and voila I get picture perfect face that feels great during the summer. If you want to know more please comment below and please check out the rest of my pages and website

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Dirty face???? Purify it!!!

Hey you guys so like you all know makeup is my thing but even though I love makeup using too much of it could cause you to break out which leads to scars and then large pores, wrinkles and so much more but hey don't worry I have a something that could help so you can control some of the problems. First of all you always have to always have to clean your brushes and and use clean hands when applying makeup but the #1 thing for me is to always cleanse your face! I clean face prevents a lot of damage and suffering. I know they're a lot of good face wash cleansers out there but the one I've been loving is Purity from Philosophy, This is an amazing product because it is really gentle and your skin feels super clean after you're done washing your face. This products claims to rapidly dissolve dirt and makeup while deep cleaning your pores also its designed to soothe even the most dry and sensitive skin, and is the claim really true?????? well yes it is!. I have never felt and seen my skin with such improvements. what I love about the most is that my skin reacts very well with this and doesn't feel dry after I wash my face which is good. So over all I love this product and I recommend this. 

Here is the price for this product, they have different size bottles and each retails differently

3 oz  $ 10.00
8 oz  $ 22.00
16 oz  $ 33.00
24 oz  $ 41.00

I know is a little pricey but believe me your skin will love it!

Research results from Sephora site:
-100% reported that the cleanser is gentle enough for the eye area.
-97% reported effective removal of dirt, oil, and makeup.
-97% reported a clean, residue-free finish.

I hope this helped you in your search for a really good face wash, Please don't forger to follow me and if you have any questions please comment below
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beauty sleep

Hey my lovely makeup addicts I have some advice for you today about sleep so take some you always hear everyone say you need your "Beauty Sleep" in order to not have bags under your eyes and to look younger pretty much, but in reality you need sleep for so much more and ill explain some of the reasons......

1. Skin cells repair!  While we sleep our skin cells repair meaning we make new skin cells to replace the old ones.

2. No more dark circles!  When we have lack of sleep our blood vessels dilate and that makes our famous look of dark circles, and yes we can fix that with some powerful friendly concealer but we also need sleep for other reasons too.... 

3. Hormonal imbalances, if we don't get enough sleep our hormones go crazy. Hormones is like our skin, as we sleep our body balances which will prevent us from being cranky in the morning, mad, and or depressed... so start sleeping girls and boys because makeup can't cover those mood swings we tend to get when we don't sleep....

4. Brain farts! Not sleeping makes our brains work very slowly it causes us to have brain farts and a lot of our brains starts with not paying any attention, it take all our alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. Imagine how bad we will do our makeup.... oh man .....
5.Health issues! Not getting enough sleep can also give you health problems like heart disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and so much more including death, not sleeping causes so many problems and its scary to think what can happen.
So you see my beautiful makeup addicts we need our beauty sleep not just to look good from the outside but also from the inside:-) we all need 7-8 hours of sleep in order to look and function good, just don't sleep too much because the same things could happen as not getting enough sleep sad but true:-( ...
Well now time for my Beauty sleep,  Zzzzzz....thank you so much for reading please don't forget to follow me and if you have any questions just leave a comment below♥

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer look + Change Hair color!!!!

Hello my lovely Makeup Addicts so today I decided to show you a new look I'm doing and its my summer look!!! yay for summer even though I'm a winter
My inspiration for this look was actually a Popsicle I love to eat during the summer which are called "Big sticks"... hahaha sounds funny but getting serious I love the pink coral color with the bright yellow. I decided to tone it down because I wanted it to be a wearable look during the day. Well I hope you guys like my new look I will have a tutorial on how to achieve this awesome look pretty soon so I hope you like it:)

Now lets talk about my new look..... So its been a couple of weeks that I really wanted a change with my hair and I just didn't know what :(...... I didn't want to do a black or brown hair color because I'm really bored of that... Then I thought of highlights and again BORED!!!!. I started looking at some pictures online to maybe get some inspiration on hair color or looks and finally I stumble on this pretty gorgeous hair color and its....... BLUE, Yes I decided to dye my hair blue. I'm so happy with this look I love it its AMAZING and GORGEOUS!!!! So for this Summer my hair will be blue.... I'm in LOVE, So here is my new look hope you guys like it....

Yes my husband is behind me....LOL

So you guys if you want more of me .....
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golden NIghts + WINNERS!!!!

Hey you guys I'm so excited because after weeks of this giveaway I'm finally giving away the gifts for my followers.... Yay I'm happy! so at the end of this post I will announce the winners !!! Also I will upload my tutorial pretty soon and its all about brown and gold colors. The look I will show you has glamour that will add to your day and night looks...I love it! Lately I've been sporting this look a lot and I get  a lot of compliments, so if you guys really like this look watch my video and you can achieve it!

So my lovely makeup addicts I wanted to talk about I one of the products I used in specific which is my BH cosmetics 28 neutral palette, I'm loving this palette and the reason for that is because it has some amazing colors. BH cosmetics always gives me great product for a reasonable price and this palette is that, the colors are so pigmented and long lasting which is a super plus for me!. If you're not into wearing really bold colors then this palette is for you, it gives you  the neutrals you need for your day and night looks. I really love it and I do recommend this if you're looking to add some neutrals to your collection. 

Enough about the pallet here are the winners of my giveaway..............

First winner(Facebook) is Rachel Jacobo 
Second Winner is  Krissy Campbell
And third but not least is Lia Paredes

Congrats to all of you and if you didn't get to win this time please keep reading my blog posts and watch my YouTube channel because in the future I will be doing more Giveaways and contest, so keep watching and thank you for showing love and thanks for all the support!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So you guys I had a lot of people message me on my Facebook page that they found it hard to follow my blog, So I decided to change that giveaway. I will now give you the new rules

1st.If anyone that left a comment on my blog, Facebook page, and or YouTube you instantly qualify for the giveaway

2nd.  Anyone that subscribed to my YouTube channel, follow my blog, Twitter or Instagram will qualify for the giveaway.

3rd. Last but not least this if just for my facebook followers, you guys have supported my page so much I want to say thank you and this one way to show my gratitude. You just have to follow and just leave a comment on any of my post and thats it!

will post who gets what close to June 6th,I will add something extra to the Facebook giveaway!

Pretty much that is it thank you everyone for all the love and support it really means alot to me and I can't believe that I would ever have so much love from all of you that follow me on YouTube, Facebook,  Twitter,  and instagram.... thank you so much and good luck!

Giveaway will  end Monday June 6, 2013 and and winners will be announced June 7 please if you are under 18 ask parents for permission, this giveaway is open to anyone in any place! Love you guys!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi you guys so today is Monday and I'm exhausted but I'm a very happy person right now because I had a great time at Generation beauty. You can't believe all the people that went and all the top beauty gurus I saw and met. I was really super excited when I met kandee Johnson.... She is really that sweet, kind, real, positive, inspirational person and so much more!!! She is such a great person I learned so much from her and she let me take a lot of pics with She is a very down to earth real person and she is one of the people if not the person that inspired me to do YouTube videos...

I also met the great Miss Jessica Harlow and she was amazing too! she is also down to earth and so charismatic! I really loved her workshop she gave so many great tips, she was also so easy to talk to you didn't feel intimidated at all .....she made you feel like you were her best friend :)
Another person that I met was the wonderful Thatsheart and she is SO sweet and adorable.... She was actually the first person I met and I was just a little

I Had such an amazing experience and i met such great people I love it. I made some long lasting  friendships:)

Check out my YouTube channel and I posting videos of what went on in Generation Beauty 
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Challenges + News!!!!

Hey you guys I hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend I sure did.... Well you guys I had my little time off and now it's over unfortunately but doesn't mean I'm not having any fun.... So I decided to do the 3 minute Makeup challenge, I thought it was going to be easy but guess what?????? It was not easy at all. I was like a chicken with its head cut off. I didn't know where all my things were at even thou I placed everything that I needed in front of me that still didn't work. Now I know that its hard to do something in 3 minutes and one of them is Well I'll be posting my video pretty soon. This week is going to be a little hectic for me because I have a lot of things to do. One of those things has me overly excited and that's going to Generation Beauty this weekend YAY!!!!! I am so excited i'll be meeting a lot of beauty gurus and i'll be learning a lot from people that have made YouTube their careers. Some of the people I'm excited to meet are Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan, Jessica Harlow and so many more. I will be doing some vlogs if they let me so I can show you the things that went on so check out my YouTube channel @ to see my vlogs about G.B. ... So you guys till next time have fun and enjoy life to its fullest!!!! Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to follow me!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sail with Sigma!!!

Hey you guys so today I posted my latest video on youtube, I decided to take a look from Sigmas Resort Palette and replicate that look for you guys the steps are really simple and the look is amazing! If you guys don't have the Sigma Resort palette don't worry another cheap alternative is Bh Cosmetics. Bh cosmetics is a really good product, the colors are so pigmented and you get a lot for a what you buy.

If you are interested in any of these products you can visit their websites @

So you guys here are some pics of the look I replicated and also the link to my video I hope you guys enjoy it!!!