Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beauty sleep

Hey my lovely makeup addicts I have some advice for you today about sleep so take some you always hear everyone say you need your "Beauty Sleep" in order to not have bags under your eyes and to look younger pretty much, but in reality you need sleep for so much more and ill explain some of the reasons......

1. Skin cells repair!  While we sleep our skin cells repair meaning we make new skin cells to replace the old ones.

2. No more dark circles!  When we have lack of sleep our blood vessels dilate and that makes our famous look of dark circles, and yes we can fix that with some powerful friendly concealer but we also need sleep for other reasons too.... 

3. Hormonal imbalances, if we don't get enough sleep our hormones go crazy. Hormones is like our skin, as we sleep our body balances which will prevent us from being cranky in the morning, mad, and or depressed... so start sleeping girls and boys because makeup can't cover those mood swings we tend to get when we don't sleep....

4. Brain farts! Not sleeping makes our brains work very slowly it causes us to have brain farts and a lot of our brains starts with not paying any attention, it take all our alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. Imagine how bad we will do our makeup.... oh man .....
5.Health issues! Not getting enough sleep can also give you health problems like heart disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and so much more including death, not sleeping causes so many problems and its scary to think what can happen.
So you see my beautiful makeup addicts we need our beauty sleep not just to look good from the outside but also from the inside:-) we all need 7-8 hours of sleep in order to look and function good, just don't sleep too much because the same things could happen as not getting enough sleep sad but true:-( ...
Well now time for my Beauty sleep,  Zzzzzz....thank you so much for reading please don't forget to follow me and if you have any questions just leave a comment below♥

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer look + Change Hair color!!!!

Hello my lovely Makeup Addicts so today I decided to show you a new look I'm doing and its my summer look!!! yay for summer even though I'm a winter
My inspiration for this look was actually a Popsicle I love to eat during the summer which are called "Big sticks"... hahaha sounds funny but getting serious I love the pink coral color with the bright yellow. I decided to tone it down because I wanted it to be a wearable look during the day. Well I hope you guys like my new look I will have a tutorial on how to achieve this awesome look pretty soon so I hope you like it:)

Now lets talk about my new look..... So its been a couple of weeks that I really wanted a change with my hair and I just didn't know what :(...... I didn't want to do a black or brown hair color because I'm really bored of that... Then I thought of highlights and again BORED!!!!. I started looking at some pictures online to maybe get some inspiration on hair color or looks and finally I stumble on this pretty gorgeous hair color and its....... BLUE, Yes I decided to dye my hair blue. I'm so happy with this look I love it its AMAZING and GORGEOUS!!!! So for this Summer my hair will be blue.... I'm in LOVE, So here is my new look hope you guys like it....

Yes my husband is behind me....LOL

So you guys if you want more of me .....
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golden NIghts + WINNERS!!!!

Hey you guys I'm so excited because after weeks of this giveaway I'm finally giving away the gifts for my followers.... Yay I'm happy! so at the end of this post I will announce the winners !!! Also I will upload my tutorial pretty soon and its all about brown and gold colors. The look I will show you has glamour that will add to your day and night looks...I love it! Lately I've been sporting this look a lot and I get  a lot of compliments, so if you guys really like this look watch my video and you can achieve it!

So my lovely makeup addicts I wanted to talk about I one of the products I used in specific which is my BH cosmetics 28 neutral palette, I'm loving this palette and the reason for that is because it has some amazing colors. BH cosmetics always gives me great product for a reasonable price and this palette is that, the colors are so pigmented and long lasting which is a super plus for me!. If you're not into wearing really bold colors then this palette is for you, it gives you  the neutrals you need for your day and night looks. I really love it and I do recommend this if you're looking to add some neutrals to your collection. 

Enough about the pallet here are the winners of my giveaway..............

First winner(Facebook) is Rachel Jacobo 
Second Winner is  Krissy Campbell
And third but not least is Lia Paredes

Congrats to all of you and if you didn't get to win this time please keep reading my blog posts and watch my YouTube channel because in the future I will be doing more Giveaways and contest, so keep watching and thank you for showing love and thanks for all the support!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So you guys I had a lot of people message me on my Facebook page that they found it hard to follow my blog, So I decided to change that giveaway. I will now give you the new rules

1st.If anyone that left a comment on my blog, Facebook page, and or YouTube you instantly qualify for the giveaway

2nd.  Anyone that subscribed to my YouTube channel, follow my blog, Twitter or Instagram will qualify for the giveaway.

3rd. Last but not least this if just for my facebook followers, you guys have supported my page so much I want to say thank you and this one way to show my gratitude. You just have to follow and just leave a comment on any of my post and thats it!

will post who gets what close to June 6th,I will add something extra to the Facebook giveaway!

Pretty much that is it thank you everyone for all the love and support it really means alot to me and I can't believe that I would ever have so much love from all of you that follow me on YouTube, Facebook,  Twitter,  and instagram.... thank you so much and good luck!

Giveaway will  end Monday June 6, 2013 and and winners will be announced June 7 please if you are under 18 ask parents for permission, this giveaway is open to anyone in any place! Love you guys!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi you guys so today is Monday and I'm exhausted but I'm a very happy person right now because I had a great time at Generation beauty. You can't believe all the people that went and all the top beauty gurus I saw and met. I was really super excited when I met kandee Johnson.... She is really that sweet, kind, real, positive, inspirational person and so much more!!! She is such a great person I learned so much from her and she let me take a lot of pics with She is a very down to earth real person and she is one of the people if not the person that inspired me to do YouTube videos...

I also met the great Miss Jessica Harlow and she was amazing too! she is also down to earth and so charismatic! I really loved her workshop she gave so many great tips, she was also so easy to talk to you didn't feel intimidated at all .....she made you feel like you were her best friend :)
Another person that I met was the wonderful Thatsheart and she is SO sweet and adorable.... She was actually the first person I met and I was just a little

I Had such an amazing experience and i met such great people I love it. I made some long lasting  friendships:)

Check out my YouTube channel and I posting videos of what went on in Generation Beauty 
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