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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Makeup for the summer.... Foundation or BB cream????

Hey my beautiful makeup Addicts to today I wanted to talk about what I like to wear during the summer when it comes to foundation, when summertime comes the last thing I want is to wear heavy coverage makeup so foundations are out of the question. Now you ask why??? and the reason is because foundation can be really heavy on your skin and with this heat you have tons of chances for your makeup to run down your face and seep into your pores. Heat and makeup don't go well together and just because I don't like wearing foundation doesn't mean I won't wear makeup.... so for that reason I use a nice BB cream :))) a BB cream is light and airy so it won't feel heavy on you, I know a BB cream is not full coverage so for that I just add a little concealer to my small imperfections after adding my BB cream and voila I get picture perfect face that feels great during the summer. If you want to know more please comment below and please check out the rest of my pages and website

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