Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey you guys sorry I've been MIA for a while I've been super busy with pretty much my jobs and family and other stuff. So today I want to talk about something very different and thats life and health! I know everyone struggles with issues and to some people it doesn't matter but to you its your entire world,  so right now I want to talk about what I'm going through.... Lately my concerns have been my health issues, and when I talk about health issues I mean I gained so much weight. I know I know just eat right and exercise and viola everything is better and maybe yes it is true but its not easy when you done it millions of times... sometimes I feel so damn tired of doing this vicious cycle of losing weight and then gaining it right back its... like I never see the day it could stop, everyone has their own problems some might be weight issues like me or some might be relationship issues but what ever it is I think no one should go throughout it alone! Right now I'm in a mission... a mission to find out what I want and also to get strength with in me to finally overcome my issues,  I know some of you might think my issues are stupid and its easy to overcome but to me its my monster that always haunts me. Please don't go alone in the world without thinking no one understands... don't let your monster haunt you forever find a way to defeat it, I know right now I have to find my  own way on how to do that........

I hope someone found this helpful and i hope everyone can defeat their own monters....don't be afraid to share your story

I'll see you soon my lovely makeup addicts♥

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