Friday, July 26, 2013

Toner or not????

Hey my lovely makeup Addicts today a have a review for you guys to read and its about a great toner I found and its from Dickinson's oil free pore perfecting toner... So let me tell you the story how I found this toner... So i went to Walgreen's to go look at some makeup and I was just walking around and I spotted this toner, It said that it was 100% natural and I love natural :) so I took it home...... So yeah that's the short version of how I found this So let me get back to my review, so to tell you the truth I only been having this product for 2 weeks and I already LOVE it, in just 2 weeks I already noticed great improvement on my skin, my pores are tighter and my skin feels extremely clean after I used this product I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Let me tell you what this product claims to do and then ill tell you the pros and cons about it.

This toner claims to do refine pores, remove and controls oil, soothes irritation, and looks in moister, so pretty much it makes your pores smaller, it removes excess dirt and oil all the yucky stuff and while it does that it does not over dry. This sounds amazing the best part to me is that is true! like I said my pores a smaller my face feels cleaner and it doesn't feel dry and you may know that some toners do make you feel like you have to dump 80 gallons of moisturizer on your face when using them. This product is also amazing because its so cheap it was $5.49 for 16 FL OZ so that to me is a bargain the only this I don't like is the smell to me I would have preferred something more like rose pedals or something to that matter but hey we cant win them all that my experience with this toner that I now LOVE

Here is my list of Pros and Cons 

Pros                                                     Cons

*Cheap                                                * Doesn't smell that nice
*last a long time
*does what it claims
* 100% natural


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