Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So you guys I had a lot of people message me on my Facebook page that they found it hard to follow my blog, So I decided to change that giveaway. I will now give you the new rules

1st.If anyone that left a comment on my blog, Facebook page, and or YouTube you instantly qualify for the giveaway

2nd.  Anyone that subscribed to my YouTube channel, follow my blog, Twitter or Instagram will qualify for the giveaway.

3rd. Last but not least this if just for my facebook followers, you guys have supported my page so much I want to say thank you and this one way to show my gratitude. You just have to follow and just leave a comment on any of my post and thats it!

will post who gets what close to June 6th,I will add something extra to the Facebook giveaway!

Pretty much that is it thank you everyone for all the love and support it really means alot to me and I can't believe that I would ever have so much love from all of you that follow me on YouTube, Facebook,  Twitter,  and instagram.... thank you so much and good luck!

Giveaway will  end Monday June 6, 2013 and and winners will be announced June 7 please if you are under 18 ask parents for permission, this giveaway is open to anyone in any place! Love you guys!

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