Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kiss everlasting French Manicure!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! so today I have review of the Kiss Everlasting French Nails. These french nails have been a life saver for me and this is why.... So the other day I had an event to go to and it was a last minute thing, I didn't have time to do my nails and I had these french nails that I received complimentary and I just put them on and I left. I was so surprised of how good they looked and how long they lasted on! I did receive some compliments on them :).... They looked so amazing. Once I left my event and I kept them on for 4 more  days until they started to fall off.  I was really amazed that they looked like if I gone and done my nails at a nail salon and I was more amazed and impressed that even with all my cleaning chores my nails survived all that hard abusive cleaning

 All in all I loved these press on nails.. I was really impressed of the good quality they are and how amazing they looked... they are also super inexpensive and long lasting too.

You can find them at Walmart for $4.97
 Go ahead and try them you wont regret it:)))

That's it for today my positive beauties!!! Take care and always know that you are super amazing and beautiful... DON'T ever let anyone else tell you any different..

I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.