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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hey my lovely makeup addicts!!!!! Today i'm going to review and give you guys a picture tutorial using Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings, Gimme Brows, and High Brow.... Let me start by saying that these products are amazing!!! I have tried so many products from a lot of makeup brands like  for example NYX, Urban decay, M.A.C, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia from Beverly Hills etc...
The one I really loved was Anastasia and I still love it don't get it wrong but I have found something right there next to to it and that's benefit cosmetics.... So when benefit came out with their new products i was a little skeptical but I decided to buy some of the products, I was given two of them by the way and believe me it does not influence my opinion at all... so lets get started with the pros and the cons i'm going to try to give you the best review I can :)

Lets start with The brow zings... So this product contains one side of a pigmented wax(left) and another side of a brow powder(right), it also contains one small angle brush, one flat bush, and a pair of small tweezers. Here are the things I love from this product... first thing is the wax I love this because it prevents your eyebrows from moving to all different directions... second I love that the wax helps the brow powder to adhere more to your brows and with the wax already in place it also helps to shape your eyebrows very well, also the powder is goes on really smooth and has no fall out like other brow powders I have tried in the past.

now lets start with the cons... This is the part I really don't like:(... So for this product their is two things I don't like and the first one is  when you apply the wax you really have to build a lot in order to get that perfect brow and that takes some of your time to do that and the other thing I really didn't like and found no use for were the brushes, to me they are too small and the flat brush does not make any sense to me. Pretty much that's it for the cons Other than that I love this product. 

 First step Dip the angle brush into the wax and start shaping your brows with gentle strokes until your get your desire shape or form
Second with the rounded brush just apply again with gentle strokes the brow powder that way the powder adheres to the wax

Now to finish off the look just highlight your brow bone using High Brow Highlighting pencil and with either your finger or a stiff dome brush just blend it lightly.

 I wanted to review this at the end because this is my overall favorite product!!! I really love this product because its amazing... without this highlighter its like your brows are boring and this makes everything way much better. So when using this product you just added under your brow bone and this highlighter just adds more definition and more shape to your eyebrow its just like your miracle worker for your brows, I really have nothing negative to say about this product, It goes well with any skin tone as long as you blend well and not over exaggerate and add a lot of it....

So you guys these are my new favorite brow products for the moment and I hope this moment lasts a long time :) thank you so much for reading and please don't forget to follow me....

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