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Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting started in YouTube

Hey my beautiful makeup addicts so today I wanted to talk about YouTube and how I've been doing with it pretty much my experiences. Getting started in the "YouTube word" is a little difficult because you want to do everything perfect for the reason of not getting criticize by your own piers. When I decided to do videos on YouTube I thought about it a lot because I was scared of being criticized but also I was scared of losing track of life and family. In the beginning it was really hard because I didn't know how to balance YouTube, my family and pretty much my life so it became very difficult. Little by little I'm working in balancing everything, when my husband works I start doing videos and blogging, when he's home I get at least two hour of still working on videos and he gets to do what he wants like Playing video

Even though I've been having trouble with that I also been having a lot of good things come out of it too :). If you know me personally you know I'm a very shy person and I can be really quiet.... so  just the thought of doing YouTube videos it was a very difficult challenge for me, I had people telling me to do videos but I was scared of  people seeing what I do, I didn't want to be criticized.
 So finally I decided to be a big girl and suck it up and I started recording my first YouTube video :) and it was a The footage never got edited it was super long to edit and every time I would do something to it it never saved or it erased so I just left it there and recorded a new Ps I know my editing sucks but this video was really bad, but this is my baby so its ok :)

(Just in case you haven't seen it)

I know I know a lot of people say  they were all shy when they started and made them change  after that, you know what I do believe them because YouTube does give you a sense of courage and power. 

Now lets talk about the struggles of subscribers and views........ This is something that sometimes it could be really stressful, Why? you ask ...... well because this is what shows people if you're "good" or not, I try not to get stressed about it because well if you like me then you like me if you don't then that's ok too. I know I don't have a lot of subscribes or like a million views but I know one day I will get there and if you're starting out don't get discourage..... for some of us you will be liked instantly for other it will take time and that's ok. 

YouTube is a very scary world to jump in but its also a wonderful world to discover new things about you you didn't know, So if you're thinking about it then maybe you should just try it once and see how you feel about it, and if you do try it well try it because you love teaching and because you love doing what you do, believe me that will reflect on your videos.

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