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Monday, November 11, 2013

Great inexpensive makeup!

Hey you guys I have a quick video for you guys using elf cosmetics......  let me just talk about them really quick E.l.f cosmetics is a drugstore makeup product that is super cheap when speaking of money wise.... they range from $10.00-$1.00 and they have everything from makeup  brushes to eye shadows, blushes. Eyelashes, mineral makeup etc. ... these product are really good and super inexpensive!..... sometimes their are products I don't like and they can improve like their Essential loose eye shadow, the only reason I don't like that product is because of their packaging, if they can improve on that then we have something awesome to use, other than that and lip glosses they have some wonderful products! . If you guys want a review of a specific product that please leave a comment below.... please to forget to subscribe,  comment and like my videos or follow my blog!   Love you so much you guys have a great day and always remember you are beautiful just they way you are!!!!

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