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Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi you guys so today is Monday and I'm exhausted but I'm a very happy person right now because I had a great time at Generation beauty. You can't believe all the people that went and all the top beauty gurus I saw and met. I was really super excited when I met kandee Johnson.... She is really that sweet, kind, real, positive, inspirational person and so much more!!! She is such a great person I learned so much from her and she let me take a lot of pics with She is a very down to earth real person and she is one of the people if not the person that inspired me to do YouTube videos...

I also met the great Miss Jessica Harlow and she was amazing too! she is also down to earth and so charismatic! I really loved her workshop she gave so many great tips, she was also so easy to talk to you didn't feel intimidated at all .....she made you feel like you were her best friend :)
Another person that I met was the wonderful Thatsheart and she is SO sweet and adorable.... She was actually the first person I met and I was just a little

I Had such an amazing experience and i met such great people I love it. I made some long lasting  friendships:)

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