Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kiss everlasting French Manicure!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! so today I have review of the Kiss Everlasting French Nails. These french nails have been a life saver for me and this is why.... So the other day I had an event to go to and it was a last minute thing, I didn't have time to do my nails and I had these french nails that I received complimentary and I just put them on and I left. I was so surprised of how good they looked and how long they lasted on! I did receive some compliments on them :).... They looked so amazing. Once I left my event and I kept them on for 4 more  days until they started to fall off.  I was really amazed that they looked like if I gone and done my nails at a nail salon and I was more amazed and impressed that even with all my cleaning chores my nails survived all that hard abusive cleaning

 All in all I loved these press on nails.. I was really impressed of the good quality they are and how amazing they looked... they are also super inexpensive and long lasting too.

You can find them at Walmart for $4.97
 Go ahead and try them you wont regret it:)))

That's it for today my positive beauties!!! Take care and always know that you are super amazing and beautiful... DON'T ever let anyone else tell you any different..

I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hey my beautiful people!!!!! Today I have a first impression review on the new Covergirl truBlend liquid foundation and truBlend fixstick concealer.

OK so let me start by giving you some facts about these products...

lets start with the foundation .....

OK so the new truBlend  foundation is a light to medium coverage, so this means you will not be getting the benefits of a full coverage foundation, you may still have little imperfections that you may not like to show through. This formula is not that much different from the original, I read the ingredients and they do have some changes, but nothing dramatic to really change the formula. Something really different is the packaging, this packaging is more appealing than the last one. Other facts, it comes in 21 new shades ranging from light, medium, and deep. Each of them are divided into 7 shades for each color range, I think that's awesome!.
For each bottle you get 30ml(1fl oz liq.), and it come with a pump. A pump is way much better and its more sanitary.

Without Flash
OK so my thoughts about this product is that its OK. I really didn't think this foundation did a lot for me, when I tried it on it didn't look flawless. To me it seemed more like a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation. I know its not supposed to cover everything well to a perfection but I did hope for it to at least give me some sort of coverage. I used 3 full pumps of foundation on my face, on camera it seem like it evened out but when I took pictures you could still see a lot of my smaller imperfections, that's what I was hoping it would at least cover but it didn't.

With Flash

As you can see in the picture without flash it looks OK, my face looks matte, which is a plus. 
Now the picture with flash, that picture really disappointed me because you could really see what I had going on my face, and that's no bueno!. My face does look a little shiny but I have to admit I didn't set my foundation with a setting powder. Maybe it would of still looked matte. So OK for 3 full pumps of foundation the only thing I should of been able to see were my 3 really pigmented acne scars and that's it... but nope u can see everything.  With social media now in days people take a lot of pictures and especially selfies,  with a foundation like this I really would not want to take any pictures at all.

 All In all I really didn't like this foundation. I would recommend this to anyone just wanting to cover redness or to even out skin tone, but not to someone with bigger problems than that.

Now lets talk about the concealer....

I believe that their concealer is way much better.... its smooth, it doesn't dry your skin, and is highly pigmented! It really doesn't crease that much... when I did my video I didn't add a setting powder and it did just did crease a little bit but like I said I didn't use a setting powder plus my lights tend to be super hot....

All in all I did like this concealer a lot, and a highly recommend this if you are looking for a cheaper alternative

I think all in all this foundation will be good for people with no skin imperfections. If you have redness around the nose or mouth area it will definitely even out your skin tone , most likely you will have a flawless finish.

OK you guys I hope you found this helpful and i also hope that you are having a wonderful day. Know that you guys are beautiful and more wonderful than you can even imagine!

love you guys a lot take care and stay positive