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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer look + Change Hair color!!!!

Hello my lovely Makeup Addicts so today I decided to show you a new look I'm doing and its my summer look!!! yay for summer even though I'm a winter
My inspiration for this look was actually a Popsicle I love to eat during the summer which are called "Big sticks"... hahaha sounds funny but getting serious I love the pink coral color with the bright yellow. I decided to tone it down because I wanted it to be a wearable look during the day. Well I hope you guys like my new look I will have a tutorial on how to achieve this awesome look pretty soon so I hope you like it:)

Now lets talk about my new look..... So its been a couple of weeks that I really wanted a change with my hair and I just didn't know what :(...... I didn't want to do a black or brown hair color because I'm really bored of that... Then I thought of highlights and again BORED!!!!. I started looking at some pictures online to maybe get some inspiration on hair color or looks and finally I stumble on this pretty gorgeous hair color and its....... BLUE, Yes I decided to dye my hair blue. I'm so happy with this look I love it its AMAZING and GORGEOUS!!!! So for this Summer my hair will be blue.... I'm in LOVE, So here is my new look hope you guys like it....

Yes my husband is behind me....LOL

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