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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A mask for your hair???????????

Hey you guys so today have a review about my new hair treatment I've been trying.... So like you all know I have bleached my hair and colored it and nothing good can come out of that other than an amazing new hair style but beside that your hair doesn't like what you did to it period. Bleaching hair is bad and everyone knows that, it makes your hair dry and bridle, your hair feels and looks unhealthy, so because of that I decided to take really good care of my hair so I ordered this hair treatment from Ulta called Therapy Session Mask from Eva Nyc and ever since I fell in love!!!!

This hair treatment is amazing it makes my hair feel and look healthy now my hair has shine and bounce. This treatment makes my hair feel soft and it it doesn't break on me anymore like it used to in the beginning when I first had my hair bleached. This hair mask has Argan oil which nourishes your hair and it also has Keravis protein which strengthens your hair. It has plenty of more oils and goodness in this mask and in love! 

So here is the price of this wonderful hair mask 
$14.99 in Ulta
$15.99 in Walgreens

Product Specification:

Product Type
Hair Masque
Paraben Free
No Mineral Oil
Not Animal Tested

Here is the link to Ulta website  

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