Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hey lovely addicts so today I wanted to talk about finding the perfect mascara... we have all tried like a million products of mascara and a lot seem to be a fail, sometimes we also find the perfect one and at the end of the day for some weird reason you still keep looking for another one or we tend to go to the next fad, so if you're lucky to find the perfect one just stick to that one and don't change it!. Anyways lets talk about the type of base mascara we need in our lives, so some of you girls are really lucky and have already gorgeous eyelashes they're long, full and curly so in reality you don't need it but if you still want to get a mascara then get a wet base one and you're probably thinking well what are those????? well mostly those are high end products and those are the one that disappoints me because I spend so much money and at the end of the day my lashes are not curled but that is because I have short thin lashes so the wet base mascara tend to make heavy and causes my eyelashes to uncurl. If you are in a budget then I find that getting wet mascara base in a drugstore is a little hard, drugstore mascaras are more dry based to me one which is better for my lashes and my pocket!!! Now you also know that dry base or formula are better for thin short lashes because its lighter so it doesn't weigh in you lashes, you can also get a wax formula that shouldn't weigh them in also.

Lets Talk about high end products and Drugstore products. High end like I said they are more wet base but if you look hard enough they do have dry base, I know that MAC has some dry based and  also the Balm, that's only if you want high end if not go to a drugstore   

Now drugstore brand are mainly to me dry base, I have bought so many mascaras and I'm always happy with all of them but sometimes I get disappointed, recently I bought the Maybelline The Rocket Express and I didn't like it I curled my lashes as usual and once I put the mascara on my eyelashes uncurled, the formula was too wet and that made it heavy :(... so girls with beautiful lashes this drugstore mascara if good for you......if you still have trouble finding the "RIGHT" one then ask for help, ask any makeup artist at your favorite makeup brand counter to help you look for your perfect mascara, it takes a lot of trial and error to find what is best for you.

So my beautiful Makeup Addicts I hope this was useful to you and please don't forget to follow me if you have any questions  please leave me a comment down below and don't forget I still have the Giveaway going on read the rest of my post!!!! and also to check out my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for reading...!!!!!  :)


  1. aww I hope to see more posts from you cause I'm a make up addict too.. :)