Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hey my lovely makeup addicts here are the pictures I promised showing you guys what i'm giving away. Hope you guys like them and this motivates you to participate! I only bought things I truly loved, these are things I have or would buy for myself, they are so beautiful... so here you have it....

1st giveaway is not one but two Inglot lipsticks in number 321 & 121 they are so pretty you have a nude color and a coral color

2nd giveaway is 3 eyeshadow pallet in number MB 13 CG then number 353 and number 325 also going to give a Mac lipstick in color So Chaud these are beautiful colors you have purples for your eyeshadows and a pretty matte orange red lipstick

And last but certainly not least you have a bare minerals blush is color Rouge and two Urban Decay individual eyeshadows in colors Woodstock and psychedelic sister.... Woodstock is a pretty hot magenta pink and psychedelic sister is a beautiful pretty kinda dark purple..... and now the last thing is which is one of my favorite is Urban Decay Naked the Flushed pallet, It has a pretty rosy pink color for the cheeks, a beautiful highlighter and a light bronzer this should be in your collection if not I really suggest to buy it or win it for that matter :)

so again read the giveaway rules to have a chance and win this anyone can enter and this giveaway is global if your under 18 ask a parent before you enter for a chance to win!!!! 


  1. I will post on my Facebook....

  2. When does the giveaway start :/

  3. Greath prices, as long it's makeup I love it!

  4. follow my blog so you can have a chance to win them

  5. So if I post in here does it mean I am following you on your blog?

  6. On the side of my blog there's a sign in button where u can sign in with your Google account or yahoo or other ways and that's how you follow me