Friday, May 10, 2013

Giveaway RULES!!!!!!!!!!

Hey my lovely Makeup Addicts!!!!.... So I have for you my first Giveaway ever for you guys, I'm really excited so lets just cut to the chase here are the contest rules:

1st giveaway will be 20 followers:

So what you have to do is simple just follow my blog and comment, as soon as I get 20 followers then I will be giving the first prize to one of my followers leave comments on any of my post and I will randomly pick a winner  and the prize will be 2 Inglot lipsticks  you get to pick!

2nd Giveaway will be 75 Followers and Facebook "likes":

So pretty much I already described it you need to follow my blog and comment on any of my post and you also have to Like my Facebook Page. Also this still goes for anybody that was automatically entered to the first one and the price for this one is?????..... A Inglot palette with 3 eyeshadows and a lipstick from MAC ..... eeeekkkk I'm excited myself :)

And now the BIG

3rd Giveaway........

So the third one consist of 3 things I need to have 100 followers on my blog and you also have to like my facebook  and now you also have to subscribe and comment on my YouTube channel, The prize for this one is pretty sweet, It consist of Two Inglot lipsticks, 2 Individual eyeshadows of Urban decay, a blush from Bare minerals and more.... I'll keep you guessing for another day... I know I'm mean but you will love the prizes I'll post pictures tomorrow.  Like I said anyone can still participate in any contest you could actually win all the prizes you just have to follow, like, comment and subscribe to my Blog, Facebook, and YouTube channel!!! This contest is open to anyone in the world it is global you just have follow the rules and that's it you will have the chance to win cool and amazing prizes!!!!
 If under 18 ask parent for permission  

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